Thursday, April 13, 2017, 8pm, Circolo ARCI Arcobaleno (via Pullino 1, Metro Garbatella)


the award-winning documentary

The Kill Team

(Dan Krauss, USA, 2014, 79 min.)


Fact: The major cause of death among U.S. troops in Afghanistan is suicide.

This film examines the immense psychological pressure troops there face,
how sadistic war crimes become just a game for many of the soldiers and
how trying to stop their crimes makes a fellow soldier... the enemy.

More than a film about our bloody, 16-year-long occupation of Afghanistan,
The Kill Team examines one's man's need to come clean and the price he paid.

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Below you will find (click on each heading):

  1. The Official Trailer,

  2. A review from
top critic Roger,

  3. A
video interview with the director,

  4. Background material from
Rolling Stone
on the real-life events in the film,

5. Info about this Thursday's screening venue.





1. The trailer

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2. A review (+ the plot) from Roger

Click here for the review

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3. An interview with the director


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Michael Shure interviews Dan Krauss in the War Room

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4. Some background material from Rolling Stone 

The magazine Rolling Stone sent a reporter to Afghanistan to see first hand the conditions that the soldiers of the “Kill Team” – and, in fact, all U.S. soldiers stationed there – are subjected to. The conclusion of the inquiry, in a nutshell, is the phrase General Sherman made famous: “War is hell.”

Click here for the full report, including images that the Pentagon tried unsuccessfully to censor.
Warning: Use your discretion in viewing the accompanying videos; some show mutilated corpses.


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5. Info about this Thursday's screening venue