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End the Siege on Gaza Fax Blast!

In support of the global day of mobilization to ‘End the Siege of Gaza,' we're taking our protest to the internet. With one simple click, you can send a fax from our web site to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, calling for an end to the siege, which has for over a year now effectively imprisoned more than 1.5 million people and denied basic human rights in violation of international law.

Adding insult to injury, the Israeli Defense Ministry has also denied access to Gaza to over 120 health professionals from around the world who had been invited to the international conference ‘Siege and Mental Health…Walls vs. Bridges', organized by the Gaza Community Mental Health Program and the World Health Organization and long-scheduled to be held October 27-28.

Let's flood Minister Barak's offices with our condemnation of this unjust obstruction of free access for those working to find solutions to alleviate the suffering, as well as our calls for an immediate end to the siege.

Send your fax today!

Our End the Siege Fax Blast ended at 6pm on Friday, October 31. Over 320 faxes were sent. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Want to do more? Sign the petition calling for an end to the siege and send a message of solidarity to the Gaza Community Mental Health Program: eyadsarraj@gcmhp.net

May 24, 2016

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Petition in support of press freedom in Iraq: Sign the petition in support of freedom of the press and freedom of expression in Iraq. For more information...

Petition against foreign military intervention in Syria: Sign the petition promoted by PeaceLink and endorsed by U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice. For more information...

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