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sciopero donne

Festa delle Donne marked by women abstaining from work.

Women across Italy are striking from work, as well as abstaining from university classes and household chores, today March 8th, International Women's Day.

The move is part of a worldwide
Day Without Women campaign, taking place in around 40 countries, calling for greater rights for women, protesting against domestic violence, and highlighting women’s contribution to society.

Many of Italy’s trade unions are involved in some way or another in the action, which involves both public and private sector workers and is expected to affect public transport, flights, schools and hospitals.

The Italian version of the global event is being co-ordinated by women’s rights organisation
Non una di meno (Not One Less), under the Twitter hashtag #LottoMarzo.

Wanted in Rome, March 8, 2017

USC4P&J participated in the march alongside a large contingent of members of AEPC.
The march organizers invited everyone to wear something
red or fuchsia on them.
Before the march, Becky and the
Pentagals sang a cappella women's empowerment anthem, Quiet.
Gene, everyone's favorite official photographer, scurried around during the march taking the pics below.

Place your cursor on each photo and press the RIGHT button of your mouse. Then choose “View image”. You will see the photo enlarged.